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Turtle Techniques

In mid-1983 Richard Dennis and Bill Eckhardt recruited and trained novice traders, calling them 'Turtles'. After funding them with $1 million each, over the next four years they earned over $100 million. This proved that with a simple set of rules, people with little or no trading experience can become excellent traders.*

Earn Higher Returns

Implement advanced trading techniques quickly and easily. Automated market data monitoring takes away the pain and stress of constantly monitoring multiple data feeds. Spend more time making your trading strategy more profitable. Apply the Turtle Trading techniques to maximise your long term returns.

Easily Find Best Trades

Maximise your trading strategy to accurately monitor 1000s stocks in real-time. Receive real-time custom alerts based on your criteria such as price changes, news sentiment, price volatility, etc. Push notifications to all your connected devices allow you to identify more trades that meet your trading strategy.

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Turtle Trading most profitable
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Machine Learning

Our algorithms accurately read & analyse all your data feeds so you don’t have to. Benefit from real-time news & Twitter sentiment. Be assured that your unique trading strategy is being accurately monitored 24*7*365.

Real-Time Custom Alerts

Push notifications deliver immediate insights to you from highly informed digital crowd. Receive real-time alerts to all your connected devices. Easily create workflows to automate your decision making process.

Smarter Trading

Gain genuine competitive advantage over many traders. Save hours everyday through automated monitoring of your trading strategy. Make highly informed trading decisions on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Smarter Trading. Real-time Insights.

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How 'Turtle Trading' Earned Billions

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We have built software services that monitor market data and social media feeds in real-time and broadcast push notifications, based upon a traders unique strategy.


Helping Traders Make The Most Informed Trading Decisions They Possibly Can


Our Software Brings Data To Life For Traders: (i) machine reads all your data feeds; (ii) constantly analyses critical data relevant to your trading strategy; (iii) in real-time send you critical notifications so you can execute your trades.

‘How you gather, manage and use information will determine whether you win or lose.’ - Bill Gates

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Our Software Accurately Monitors Your Strategy
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When Anything Happens Use Real Time Custom Push Notifications To Your Advantage